19 Apr Exhibition and open studios at Greylight Projects

I welcome you to visit my studio this week as part of the program at Greylight Projects during Art Brussels.
I will be showing a number of works:

– a study for my latest project, Latent Archives
– test prints developed in acid mine drainage from On Confluence
– pieces from Every Path is Viable
– books from Maps for Getting Lost


There will be 12 artists with open studios as well as a group show in the exhibition space and screening program in the chapel of the building.

vernissage: Wednesday, 20 April 17:00 – 21:00
brunch: Saturday, 23 April 11:00 – 13:00
open: Thursday 21.04 till Sunday 24.04 / 10:00 – 18:00 (and by appointment)
location: Rue Brialmont 11, 1210 Brussels

More information:

This is also a good chance to see my large format Every Path is Viable work from Prishtina on the outside of the building.


In the meantime here are three slit-scan Polaroids of the inside of my studio…

Three Irrational Views of my Studio

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05 Jan A means of being somewhere

A Means of Being Somewhere

“Travel was once a means of being elsewhere, or of being nowhere. Today it is the only way we have of feeling that we are somewhere. At home, surrounded by information, by screens, I am no longer anywhere, but rather everywhere in the world at once, in the midst of a universal banality — a banality that is the same in every country. To arrive in a new city, or in a new language, is suddenly to find oneself here and nowhere else. The body rediscovers how to look. Delivered from images, it rediscovers the imagination.”

— Jean Baudrillard, The Transparency of Evil: Essays on Extreme Phenomena

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24 Dec Seeing Appalachia

Seeing Appalachia

Seeing Appalachia | John Ryan Brubaker

“I learned of John Ryan Brubaker’s work through a mutual friend, Emma Fisher, Tamarack Artisan Foundation’s program director. Before I even saw the work, I was taken by the process of the work. More and more these days, I’m interested in how work is made and after learning that John Ryan used acid mine drainage …”

I had the pleasure of working with Roger May of Looking at Appalachia on a profile of my recent work with acid mine drainage in West Virginia.

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