16.11.13 LPV Magazine

LPV Magazine



Please check out LPV Magazine 7 (The Last Issue). You can view it free on the web, on your iPad, and even order a print copy.

Bryan and I have been working together on a few of these issues and it’s always an interesting exercise. An inexperienced print designer like myself tries to standardize as many elements as possible, but every set of photographs requires different thinking. And it’s always a different experience from designing for the web. How many run per page, do they need space, how much text has to run around them? When I first download the zip files of all the photographs, I start somewhat detached, knowing I usually have to edit down the number per story. What is an interesting photograph for the photography editor is slightly different from what is an interesting photograph for the designer. By the end, I have been looking at and “know” the photographs in a way that’s not possible when just blogging them.

Along with the design, I have a feature on Nick DeWolf in the magazine (starts on page 56, towards the end). I’ve featured singles from DeWolf on my blog for years. The LPV format was an opportunity to explore a specific aspect of the archive. I’ll try to reproduce the feature using a Tumblr photoset.

Featuring: Jin Zhu, Troy Holden, Bruce Hall, Megan McIsaac, Charles Harbutt, John Ryan Brubaker and the Nick DeWolfe Archive

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